Troubleshooting a Frozen AC Fan Using a Freon Sniffer Troubleshooting a Frozen AC Fan Using a Freon Sniffer

If you are having trouble with an AC fan, and suspect that the problem has to do with a leak in your freon, then you might consider using a freon sniffer. Using this device will help you decide whether a potential leak is the source of your problems, or if you need to consider other alternatives.

Checking Your Leaks

There are a few ways in which you can work out whether you are suffering a leak from the freon, including using a dye, or checking for bubbles in the tubes, but using a freon sniffer is a definite way of checking to see if any of this freon is being lost. You can rent one from a  local rental business, or perhaps borrow one from an AC repair man friend. It is also a good idea to get some instructions on using the freon sniffer.

Checking the Freon

Take your freon sniffer, and place it close to the AC fan. Your sniffer may emit a noise, or it may flash some lights, depending upon the standard of the sniffer. You should be able to tell if your AC fan is losing freon by the signals given off by your freon sniffer.

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