Troubleshooting a Noisy Hot Water Pipe Troubleshooting a Noisy Hot Water Pipe

A noisy hot water pipe is not only annoying to listen to, it can be a signal of other problems. The noises are common in older homes where fittings may have loosened over time. The banging noises, referred to as water hammer, can also result from the shock from the water stopping when it was moving fast. Here are some simple ways to find the source of the noise:

Check the Pressure

Water pressure that is too high can create excess noise. The pressure should be no more than 50 pounds per square inch. You can simply use a pressure gauge on an outdoor faucet to test the pressure. If the pressure is too high you can install a pressure regulator to control this.

Check Cushion Chambers

Many local codes require that air cushioning chambers be installed for appliances. These are a short piece of pipe that is capped at the end. The idea is air should fill this cap. In some systems water can build up in the cap, and this can cause noise. Draining the water is simple. Shut off the water at the valve, and turn the water on at the faucets. Allow the system to drain, and turn the water back on. Shut the water off when you see it flowing through the faucet again.

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