Troubleshooting a Refrigerator that Leaks

Troubleshooting refrigerator problems is not something that is particularly difficult to do. The refrigerator is actually a fairly simple home appliance which makes troubleshooting refrigerator issues less of a chore. A leaking refrigerator can cause a series of issues including damaging your floors or causing the refrigerator to outright fail. The article that follows will show you that troubleshooting refrigerator leaks is not hard to do.

Identify the Water Puddle

When trying to troubleshoot refrigerator leaks it is always best to note where the puddle of water is being found. Is the water in front of the refrigerator? Is it behind the refrigerator, under it or inside the door of the refrigerator or the freezer? Any one of these locations will go a long way to determining what the leak is and an idea of how it can be fixed.

The Most Common Leak

Refrigerators are not very complicated and the obvious is often the right answer. This standard problem makes troubleshooting refrigerator leaks easy as the most common leak is a failure of the door gasket. This lets the cold air out in order to make the freezer colder. This leak tends to show itself in the freezer and when you open the door you'll notice a lot more frost. To determine if this is the cause is very easy. Grab an LED flashlight which you then place inside the freezer. Make sure that the flashlight is turned on and that the beam is pointing toward the door. Close the door to the refrigerator and turn off the kitchen lights. Take a close look at the perimeter of the refrigerator. If you can see light seeping through the edges then the gasket needs replacing. You can purchase a new gasket from appliance stores or the manufacturer.

Water Under the Refrigerator

If you have a unit that has an ice maker then you will most likely see this mess more often than any other. This usually signifies that the water hose going to the ice maker has broken, dislodged or has somehow become clogged. The hose is found either under the sink or in the basement under the refrigerator. Turn of the valve that supplies water to the ice maker then replace the line.

Inside Puddle

When you open the refrigerator door you may notice water pooling inside it. When this occurs it is a sure sign that the drain hose is blocked. Turn the refrigerator off and find the drain hose which is either in the back of the refrigerator or in the bottom of it within the main compartment. You will need a turkey baster and bleach. Fill the baster with half water and half bleach then force the solution into the drain hose a few times. Remove the drain pan from under the refrigerator and clean it.

Heated Refrigerator

If the refrigerator becomes too hot then it will cause improper cooling which can make water appear. Remove the bottom panel of the refrigerator and clean the coils. Cover the grate with pantyhose to create an air filter.