Troubleshooting a Stuck Radiator Thermostat

There comes a time when your radiator thermostat starts going berserk and you try to do something about it but then you find out that the valves are stuck. This can be a truly taxing dilemma.

Potential Causes

A good reason why your thermostatic radiator valves are stuck on one position could be that you left the valves on stuck position for quite a long time. When the valves cool down, they start sticking to each other. The good thing is that troubleshooting a stuck radiator thermostat is relatively easy.

Steps in Troubleshooting

Before anything else, peel the plastic head. You may need to unscrew the ring or nut that is in the valve to do so. When you are done with that, you will be able to see a pin that is protruding from the valve body. You need to press this pin in. If the pin does not move, then the jumper must be stuck. Simply keep on exerting pressure on the pin with the use of spring pressure in different intervals until you find that the pin is slowly budging. If you’re having a problem with this, you can use a hammer to tap the pin but be very careful with breaking it. When you finally get the pin moving, you can press it so that it returns to its normal position.