Troubleshooting a Toaster Oven

What You'll Need
Electrical contact spray
Cotton swab
Thermal fuse
Emery paper
Continuity tester
Can of compressed air

A toaster oven is a small-size home appliance that gets heavy use in many households. It can perform the basic functions of a conventional oven like roasting, toasting and heating. Using the toaster oven is easier than using a pop-up toaster. The sizes of toaster ovens available in the market are determined by wattage. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to troubleshoot a toaster oven.

Step 1: Main Switch

A common point of damage in a toaster oven is the main switch. The initial remedy and maintenance for the main switch is cleaning. To replace it, the side panel of the toaster oven should be taken out. Inspect the contact points for staining and some clogging. Use a fine sandpaper to rub on to the contact point if it is not contacting the surface well. Then use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or electrical contact spray cleaner to clean the contact points. When there is breakage in the contact points or leaves, take out the main switch that is attached to the chassis with screws.

Step 2: Thermal Fuse

Another part that may get destroyed is the thermal fuse. This part gives protection to the main switch of the toaster oven from danger which could result from overloading of electricity during use. Inspect the thermal fuse when the main switch is not working using a continuity tester. If found defective, take out the thermal fuse and replace it with the same rating. Check this part for debris trapped in it or some discoloration. Wipe out debris forms using a can of compressed air. Contact points may be cleaned using emery paper.

Step 3: Heating Element

Another part that is vital in the toaster oven is the heating element which is basically a high-resistance wire that is seen glowing with electricity during use. Check whether there is a clear path for electric current flow on the heating element using a continuity tester. If it is seen that there is no clear path, take out the heating element by removing the attached screws on both ends. Replace the heating element with the kind of the same rating and composition.

Step 4: Solenoid

The solenoid is another part of the toaster oven that could get damaged. The solenoid is the part that controls the on and off functions of the heating element through electric current. Indications that the solenoid is defective are when the heating element burns the food when it is used or when the oven’s door is opened and the heating element is turned off. Inspect the unit for any evident damage and be conscious of burnt smell on the area. Use a continuity tester to confirm any observations. To replace the solenoid, remove the brackets and take out the unit. If cutting and desoldering is necessary, have it serviced at an appliance repair service center.