Troubleshooting an Electric Deep Fryer

An electric deep fryer is a great thing to have in the kitchen. It allows you to fry food simply and easily in a unit that’s self contained, and you don’t need to worry about hot oil spattering all over the stove. Wonderful as they are, you can have problems with an electric deep fryer.

In many instances you can troubleshoot these yourself and save money over using an electrician to repair the appliance. You'll also have the electric deep fyer working much more quickly.

Fryer Won’t Heat

If your electric deep fryer won’t heat up when you switch it on, there could be a few possible causes. The simplest one could be that it’s overheated. Look at the back of the unit and you should see a red reset button. If this is popped over, the rest has been tripped.

Push it back in and try the unit again. If the oil heats up normally, all is well. If the button is tripped again the problem will be in the thermostat, which will need to be replaced. The cause could also be the heating element. In this case, the appliance won’t heat even after replacing the thermostat.

Draining the Oil

Before you can work on the electric deep fryer, you need to drain the oil. Wait until the oil is cold. Unplug the electric deep fryer. Tip the oil into a container and set aside. Now put the electric deep fryer on its side, with the open top over the sink and a bowl in the sink beneath it. Leave it so most of the remaining oil can drain. Wipe the inside of the deep fryer clean with paper towels. You won’t remove all the oil but you’ll be able to get most of it.

Accessing the Thermostat

Put several layers of newspaper on the counter and stand the electric deep fryer upside down on the top of these. These will prevent any oil residue reaching the countertop. You’ll see that there are rubber feet under the base, held in place by screws. Remove these screws and the feet and you’ll be able to take off the base of the electric deep fryer to expose the electrical workings inside.

Removing the Thermostat

Locate the thermostat. It will be held in place by a nut, and have two wires that attach to it. Start by unscrewing the wires and pulling them away from the thermostat. Now use an adjustable wrench on the nut holding the thermostat in place to remove it. Fit the new thermostat in place and tighten the nut to hold it securely. Put the wires back in place and then reassemble the electric deep fryer and replace the oil.

Heating Element

If the thermostat replacement doesn’t help the electric deep fryer work, you’ll need to replace the heating element. Open up the unit as above and locate the heating element. Remove the wires leading to it, then loosen and remove the element itself. Secure the new element in place, attach the wires, and the reassemble the electric deep fryer.

Your electric deep fryer should be back in working order. Follow this troubleshooting guide in case you have anymore trouble.