Troubleshooting an Electric Wall Heater Troubleshooting an Electric Wall Heater

In areas where cold weather is experienced, the installation of an electric wall heater is a good option to consider. Electric wall heaters are practical to use in areas that have limited space. This heating gadget could easily fit into the wall. It contains a fan that circulates warm air coming from an electric heating element. There is a thermostat that regulates the heating process occurring from the fan and series of heating elements located at the interior of the heater. Small in size, electric wall heaters are best installed in areas like the bathroom and small laundry rooms that can be heated up quickly. Constant usage may eventually necessitate repairs, and learning to  troubleshooting the unit could help you identify and correct problems as soon as they occur.

Common Electric Wall Heater Problems

A standard electric wall heater only has a few parts but these parts could cause the malfunction of the unit. One thing that could go wrong with the functioning of the heater is it could just stop heating up. The heating elements could get burned during the use that it ceases to heat up. The thermostat which is the heat regulator could also fail to work properly. The usual problems experienced by an electric wall heater come from malfunctioning of the on/off switch, thermostat switch and the heating elements in the interior of the unit. There are times when the circuit breaker trips off causing the fuse to blow up because of the sudden surge of wattage which will prevent the flow of electricity.

Troubleshooting an Electric Wall Heater

There are different matters that may cause the electric heater to malfunction although its heating operation is very simple. If the problem involves the heater not turning on, check right away that the power is turned on. Next to inspect is the circuit to make sure that electricity is being delivered. If it is and the electric heater is still not heating up, check and test the electric cord, the thermostat and the heating element.

If the electric heater is turned on but the heating capacity is not enough, check on the heating elements to make sure if there is glowing seen on the wires. Check on the fan in a fan-equipped heater to check that if it is working. The heater not functioning well could also be caused by dirt that got accumulated inside. Remove dust, dirt and other debris by the fan and heating element areas to clean up the heater. The debris accumulated in the heater could create sparks and could cause the unit to overheat. If it is found that the heating element wires are burned or the thermostat is destroyed, replace the parts.

Study the manufacturer’s brochure of the unit prior to troubleshooting. Doing so will guide you in determining what kind of repair you should do if your encounter problems with your electric wall heater.

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