Troubleshooting an Infrared Space Heater

An infrared space heater.

If your infrared space heater is having problems, you should not rush to get it repaired just yet. First, take the time to perform a few simple checks to make sure that the problem is actually serious. By doing this, you can save yourself a lot of money and effort. Fortunately, you do not need to be a heating expert to troubleshoot a space heater.

Checking the Electric Power Supply

Begin by checking for simple problems. Check to make sure that the heater is plugged in and switched on. Next, if it is plugged in and refuses to switch on, look for damage to the power cord. You should also try a different electrical socket that you know is working properly, or check the electrical socket your heater is plugged into with an appliance you know is working correctly. Either way, at this point you have ruled out the electric power supply as the source of your problem.

Checking the Propane Supply

If you have a propane fired heater, you also want to check the propane supply. Make sure the propane tank is present and filled. Additionally, make sure that its valve is open. If you must light your propane supply again, open the valve and wait until you hear signs that the gas is coming out before lighting it. You should hear a clicking noise. If you do not, something is wrong and this is the source of your problem. If you do, you may be able to light it and consider your problem solved.

Checking the Connections

If your heater is propane fired, it is a good idea to check it for leaks if it is having problems. While doing this by looking and listening might be possible, you can save yourself a lot of time by preparing. Fill a spray bottle with soapy water and spray any propane lines running to and from your heater. Once you have done this, you can easily find leaks by checking for bubbles caused by escaping gas.

If this does not work, shut down your heater, close any supply valves, and disconnect your tubes. Blow air through each one of them. If they are clogged, the air is likely to clear them out and allow them to function properly again.

Other Problems

If all of the power systems and connections are functioning correctly, but your infrared space heater is still not working, there are other problem areas to check. Start at the grill of the heater. Make sure it is free of debris, even dust, as it can build up and cause problems over time. Use your vacuum cleaner to clear out the front and rear grills if you think it is necessary. Next, after letting your heater run for some time, check the fans. If they are not turning, or turning slowly, you may need to shut the heater down completely and clean them as well. Also, changing the heater's filters may help if you are not getting air flow or heat from your heater.