Troubleshooting an In-Ground Spa

Your inground spa is a place of leisure and soothing relaxation, so it’s certainly no fun when something begins to malfunction, interrupting your hot tub enjoyment. The good news is that there are some common issues which you can probably identify and remedy on your own without too much trouble. Listed below are some of the things that are most likely to be the culprit when your spa is not functioning the way it should.

Nothing is Working

It’s possible that your main breaker switch is turned off. It may seem obvious, but sometimes the simplest things that are right in front of our faces and are the hardest things to see. If your breaker switch is already set to on, then perhaps you can check your equipment’s GFCI switch to ensure that it is also set to "on". If all your switches are in the correct position, then check to make sure that all of the components, as well as the power cord, are properly plugging in. It’s also possible that the door interlock is not aligned with the magnetic that helps it to close completely. If that’s the case then simply align the door with the magnet and close the door properly. Check also to see if the overheating protection switch was triggered. If so, let the unit cool down and then restart it.

Low or Surging Flow of Water

If you don’t have any water flow or if it is very slow, it’s possible that the flow is being restricted by something. Make sure to open the shut-off valves and that there isn’t any debris blocking the suction fittings. If you find that the filter is dirty, you’ll need to replace or clean the filter.

Pump is Not Operating Properly

If the pump is operating at a very low speed or not operating at all, check to see if the circulation pump switch is turned to "off" and whether the pump is plugged in securely.

Jets Not Operating

If your jets are not operating check to see that the unit’s blower is plugged in. Also look to see if the jets are properly adjusted. If there’s a problem you may be able to adjust it yourself, but it’s possible that you’ll need to call your dealer to do it. Also ensure that your diverter valve is correctly adjusted as well.

Inoperative Lights

If the lights are not working you many simply need to replace the bulbs. It could also be that the light reflector has fallen off and you just need to replace it. In addition, check to make sure that the lights are plugged in.

Leaking Water

A leak may be an indication that the spa is filled too high. Just adjust the water level in this case. You may also have left the drain valve open or have some loose couplings. A water leak may also indicate incorrect water chemistry or that your plumbing or connections are leaking. For those kinds of problems it is probably best to call your local dealer.

No Heat

If the water is not getting heated, you may need to adjust the settings, or the system may be in the wrong mode. Check to see if the air blower circuit is on and whether the power for the heater is on. You can try resetting the breaker on the service panel.