Troubleshooting Automatic Garage Doors That Won't Close

If your automatic garage doors don't work as efficiently as they should, you can try a few remedies to make them work better. Door trouble can include a variety of problems such as doors that don't close entirely, doors that hit the floor and reverse as they close, doors that don't open properly, doors that won't operate from your remote opener and a few other problems that may not be so common. For problems that may not be as easily fixed, you may need to hire an experienced repair person. If, however, your problems are less complicated, you can try the tips below to troubleshoot your garage door problem.

Complete Failure to Operate

For automatic garage doors that fail to open or close, often the cause is an electric one. Possibly, power to your door opener is shut off. Usually, you can tell if this is the problem by checking to see if the light on your opener comes on when you push your opener switch or remote control. If the light doesn't come on, chances are good that there is a problem in your wiring or that the circuit breaker has turned off.

Failure to Close Entirely

When your garage door closes but not entirely, it is often due to a limit switch that may need to be adjusted. Another possibility is that the door binds as its bottom edge nears the floor. To correct this problem you can adjust the limit switch and try manually closing the door. If it closes manually all the way, this will tell you the problem is in the limit switch.

Unwanted Reversal

Problems with doors that close and then reverse when they hit the floor are usually found to be in a limit switch that needs adjusting. If the door reverses before it hits the floor, it is more likely that the problem is that the door is hitting something before it closes; or, an object is blocking the light between your two light sensors.

Closer Motor that Won't Stop Running

Let's say your door opens and closes as it should, but the motor doesn't stop running. Typically, this can be fixed by relocating your limit switch to a place more remote from the motor.

Door That Won't Respond to a Remote Control Signal

The solution for a door that refuses to open when you press the button on your remote control may be found in a motor unit antenna that is not hanging from your motor unit and is not receiving the signal from your remote. It also may be that the remote control battery has run out of power. Alternatively, it may be that the problem is not in the remote control at all. You can test this by operating the door opener by pressing the control button in your garage. If when doing this the door opens, you can be sure the problem is in your remote control. You can also try reprogramming your remote control.