Troubleshooting Chain Harrow Problems

Many farmers, landscapers, and homeowners benefit greatly with the use of a chain harrow attached to their tractor. With the chain harrow you are able to perform many different landscaping functions from simple grading of the lawn, to aerating, to cultivating small gardens, and raking the soil level on large fields and baseball stadiums. If something needs to be smoothed, raked, cultivated, or aerated, the chain harrow is the perfect choice for the job. 

Troubleshooting the Chain Harrow

Using a chain harrow is fairly easy. With a three-point hitch attached to the tractor, you simply drive forward and the chain harrow does the job automatically. There are times, though, when the chain harrow is not performing the way that it should. When you notice something is not right, you will need to do some troubleshooting to fix the problem. 

Tines Digging in Too Much

A common problem is with the small tines on the chain harrow. There are instances when they will dig too much into the soil. This can lead to problems with the grading or levelness of the landscape. If the tines are digging in too much, there can be several different reasons for this.

  • Too much down angle - The perfect operative angle for the tines should be set at five degrees. This is done through adjusting the connecting chain at the front of the chain harrow.
  • Traveling too slow - When using the chain harrow you should not go below 2 or 3 miles per hour. This will cause the chain to settle and the tines to dig in.
  • Tines are bent - Another problem with the tines is that they can be bent after use. Check them prior to using so you can bend them back into place.

Chain Skipping Along Ground

Another problem that many people see when they first begin to use a chain harrow is that the chains merely skip along the ground. This is due to excessive speed of the tractor. While you should not go below a certain speed, you should also keep the speed to between 3 and 5 miles per hour. This will give the chain harrow just the right tension to settle and move across the ground.

Chain Harrow Leaning to One Side

Making even rows with the chain harrow should be the ultimate outcome. However, when the chains that connect the harrow to the hitch are not adjusted correctly the harrow will be out of position. One side will be higher than the other creating a trapezoidal look rather than a rectangular shape. Adjust the connecting chains for a more uniform shape.

Chain Harrow Not in Right Direction

The chain harrow has a 'V' shaped puller at the front of the device. Some people, whether they are in a hurry or they are new to using the chain harrow, will get this connection of the harrow in the reverse direction. This will cause the harrow not to work properly. 

Uneven Rows in Center

If the chain harrow has been used in rough, rocky fields, or has been in operation for several years, there may be some broken links in the center. Check the harrow periodically for any broken links and replace as necessary.