Troubleshooting Common HDMI Splitter Problems

two cable splitters laying near each other
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What You'll Need
HDMI cables
What You'll Need
HDMI cables

An HDMI splitter can be used to connect high definition devices to multiple HDTV sets. This is useful for home entertainment systems when there are multiple devices involved. Wireless splitters can be used to connect one device to multiple televisions in different rooms. They aren't difficult to set up, but sometimes the connection needs to be tweaked. If you aren't getting a great signal, or the splitter isn't working, here are a few things you can check.

1. Picture Fading

If the picture on your television is fading there could be several reasons behind this. First, check to ensure that the cables are set up correctly. If they are set up in the wrong position, it's possible for the picture to come through, but it will be fuzzy and faded. You will want to check the cables both on the splitter, and on all the devices it is hooked up to.

2. Insufficient Signal

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A common problem with splitters is not having a strong enough signal to power each device. This can happen if cheap cables or if a cheap splitter is used. A splitter will always reduce the signal strength, but a high-quality splitter will reduce the loss. Cables that are too long can also cause a weak signal. In these cases, the signal is required to travel quite a distance, and it can lose strength as it travels. Try to rearrange the entertainment area so shorter cables can be used.

3. No Sound

If you have a clear picture, but no sound, it could be the cable itself. Remove the cable from the device that isn't working. Check to ensure all the components are intact. Replace the cable and try it again. If there is still no sound, you may need a new cable. Chances are the cable you are using is faulty.

4. Amplifiers

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If you have several electronics hooked up to a splitter, an amplifier may be necessary. This is helpful when you are splitting a signal between several rooms, or if you have a whole entertainment system in one room. The amplifier is hooked into the splitter itself and amps up the signal. The boosted signal will allow for a clear picture on all of your devices. The amplifier can also be used if you are splitting a signal wirelessly.

5. Too Many Splits

If you have tried all of the above, and you are still having issues with the signal, it could be that you have too many devices being used on one splitter. You may need to rearrange the setup to allow for fewer items to be split. If this isn't possible, consider upgrading the splitter to one that allows for a strong signal based on the number of devices you are splitting.

When all else fails, check with the owner's manual for the devices. Not all electronic devices are capable of being split, although most newer ones are.