Troubleshooting Common Problems with Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting

A flush mount ceiling fixture is a beautiful lighting fixture that can be a great way to update the interior look of your home. They are decoratively appealing due to the clean lines and space saving features. Due to the base of the fixture sitting flush with the ceiling, it gives the space a higher feel, which makes the area feel bigger and the ceilings higher. Flush mount fixtures come in a variety of styles and finishes, and can act as the main source of light for a space or as an accent light. While they are not expensive, there are issues particular to this style of lighting that is helpful to be aware of.

Installation Issues

Flush mount ceiling fixtures usually come with a mounting strap and long threaded bolt. Read the instructions for using these in the installation; you will be glad you did. These two components serve to secure the fixture to the ceiling in a way that will ensure the maximum stability. The threaded long bolt should be adjusted before installing the fixture, as this will determine the seating of the light fixture cover. If your cover is hanging and not sitting flush with the base, adjust the long bolt  to make it shorter, which will tighten this up. Some fixtures don't use a mounting strap, but screw directly into the junction box. If the fixture is not sitting flush with the ceiling, tighten the mounting screws. You may also need to tighten the screws into the mounting strap to tighten the fixture so that it sits flush with the ceiling.

Light Isn't Working or Flickering

If your bulbs burn out frequently or the light isn't working properly, you should check to see what is the maximum wattage recommended for bulbs in the fixture. Installing bulbs that pull a higher wattage than what the fixture is able to provide will eventually ruin the fixture, and is a fire hazard. You may need to unscrew the fixture from the ceiling all together to double check all wiring and connections. As with any electrical project, make sure the power supply is turned off at the circuit breaker before attempting this. Re-secure any loose connections. Finally, check the light switch to make sure the problem isn't there.

Replacement Parts

The glass cover that fits over the light bulbs can frequently break. The inherent nature of the design sets up the glass cover to be dropped easily when removing it. Glass covers are easily replaced, and are inexpensive. Your local DIY store will have a variety of sizes and styles of replacement covers to choose from, and you may even find a cover that you like better than the original. Ultimately, that is about the only part that you will find a replacement for, and it may make more sense to replace the entire fixture, as there are many models that are beautiful and inexpensive. You can find a flush mount fixture for under twenty dollars.