Troubleshooting Common Problems with Your Gas Central Heating System

Knowing the problems that occur in your gas central heating system is very important since this is what makes your home livable and comfortable. At the same time, knowing the problem before it gets worst can help you save on future expenses of having it fixed.

There are problems that are easy to detect by a person who doesn’t have much experience with heating systems and as soon as these problems are identified, you may remedy it; or if it is too big of a problem, you should consult a professional.

No Hot Air Flow from Heating System

The problem could be the fuel from the primary heat source. Make sure that you have fuel in your heat source or if it is feeding enough fuel from the local gas supply source. Gas should be continuously running to keep the heater going. Have the gas valves checked. The blower that transmits hot air from the source could also be damaged or not working properly. One way to initially check for problems is to press the reset button. Sometimes, they just need to be reset in order for it to start blowing again. But sometimes a quick reset will not cut it so you should try to shut off the blower first until the motor cools for about 30 minutes and then start it again. Often times, overheating blowers will make this stop functioning so cooling it down will help make the blower work again.

Thermostat Is Not Reading Correctly

Thermostats also wear out over time and should constantly be checked. Thermostats work in a way that the blower and heating source shuts off when a certain temperature is set. When the problem occurs wherein the feel of your home can either be too hot or too cold for the temperature you have set, the thermostat may be damaged and should be replaced or calibrated regularly to avoid these problems.

Room Radiator Is Too Cold to the Feel

Air might be getting into the pipes and needs to be exhausted or otherwise bled. Check your radiator valve. You will see that this valve will have a container close by. Turn the valve counter clockwise until you hear air seeping out. As soon as the seeping stops, close the valve in a clockwise manner.

No Air Due to Dirty Filters

Like any type of filter on any appliance, they have to be constantly cleaned since these filters collect all types of dust, dirt and debris and will block possible airflow. Check filter to ensure that they are clean and free of any blockage. When these filters are clogged, hot air will fail to flow into the home and these blockages could possibly ignite if they are heated too much.