Troubleshooting Crankcase Heater Problems in an Air Conditioner

If you have an air conditioner, you may also need to have a crankcase heater to prevent the refrigerant in your system from becoming too cool. This is a vital piece of equipment for most types of air conditioner, and if you have a problem with your crankcase, then you may find that your AC unit stops working altogether. Troubleshooting the heater can help get the air conditioner working again.

Motor Has Stopped

If the crankcase has stopped working altogether, then you should look at the electrical circuits for the system. Has a fuse blown somewhere that could be the cause of the problem? Look for signs that the crankcase has had a short-circuit, and examine other electrical items on the same circuit.

Not Producing Heat

This could be caused by refrigerant coming into contact with the oil in the crankcase. In order to provide a solution to this, you need to empty out the oil, and replace it with a new system. Begin by removing the heater and letting it cool down. If the crankcase has not been used for a while, and is not warming to the touch, then you may find that it needs to be replaced.