Troubleshooting Electric Fence Interference

Electric fence interference is basically your electric fence picking up nearby radio, telephone or television interference. This can be annoying but luckily is not a difficult problem to fix. You will find that with the right tools and information you will be able to get this problem fixed with little to no problems or cost to you.

What to Listen for

If your fence is picking up interference you will find that it is pretty easy to spot. Simply listen. If you happen to hear noise from a phone, radio or a telephone then this could mean that your fence is picking up nearby interference. It usually does not mean that your fence is not working. However, having this problem is not something that is normal and you will need to take proper action in getting it fixed so that it does not cause any problems long term. There are also laws that state that if your fence does happen to have this problem that you will need to get it fixed as soon as possible or risk possible fine.


You will find that the cause for this is usually because the ground system itself is not adequate. You could also have put your fence too close to an antenna. If you hear your fence making noise then look around, it could be parallel to telephone or antenna wires. Whenever it is radio interference it is coming by an arcing or even a spark from similar hardware. The fence itself can interfere with the actual reception of the radio. Sometimes, this disruption can come from over a mile away. Most of the time it is simply caused by gate hooks or the fence wire may have bad splices. Oddly enough, vegetation can also be a factor in this. What will usually happen is a weed will grow to be as tall as the fence. When this happens the weed will touch the fence, this can cause a short that will generate noise.


Luckily, pretty much all of these causes have simple solutions. One of the easiest things to do is to make sure that there is no vegetation that is growing up around your fence. Keep it trimmed down. Look over your fence and inspect it for any splices or defective hardware. Look for rust especially. One of the more difficult fixes is that you may have to move your fence so that it is not parallel with any telephone lines or too close to any antennas. Get a portable AM radio to verify the cause. Unplug your fence to see if the noise goes away. If the noise does not go away then you may have to replace the charger. If it does stop then you will need to get a small length of your fence and add it to the charger. Make sure to insulate the wire properly. It is a good idea to take the small radio and test the entire length of the fence.