Troubleshooting Electric Pool Heater Problems

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An electric pool heater is one of the most popular choices when it comes to heating your pool.

This type of pool heater works by attracting the pool water into the unit and warming it, then sending it to the pool through a compressor.

Even though this type of heater is a popular one, and it has a longer lifespan than most, and usually pretty reliable, there is always a chance of something going wrong. If you read below the troubleshooting tips, you will more than likely find what you need to get your pool back to sparkling, clean, comfortable, and warm water.


Although this step may sound a little unnecessary, the first and foremost thing you will want to do is make sure it is plugged in. A homeowner would know when he or she plugged it in last time, but anything could have happened to make this machine unplug, so check it out.

Check the Thermostat

Taking a look at the thermostat, what does it read? Is it set at the temperature you want or which feels most comfortable? All these questions are big ones because if the temperature setting was moved on the thermostat, that in itself would be the reason for your trouble.

Change the Filter

So far we've made sure the unit was plugged in, and we've checked the thermostat; if you're still having problems, changing the filter is one project that might need to be done. Check the PSI gauge. If it reads anywhere between 7 and 10, that means it is time for a new filter. A new filter means warmer water.

Was the Water Recently Filled

If the pool water was recently changed out or simply filled, this could cause the heater to malfunction. It is vital that you unplug your electric pool heater when doing so. If you choose to leave it plugged in and running while the pool is empty, it could burn out your heater.

Colder Than Cold

If you live in a climate where it gets to be very cold outside, your heater may simply just not be able to keep up with what you are looking for it to do. As stated before, an electric pool heater takes the pool water, warms it up and pushes it out into the pool. If the outside air is extremely cold, and the water is as well, it takes a lot of energy to warm it up. Therefore, your heater may just not possess enough power to warm the water up to the temperature that is most comfortable for you.

By now, you have probably figured out what exactly the situation is with your pool heater. Now, the next step is getting it fixed, which, fortunately, is a pretty easy task. Then enjoy a nice warm splash in the pool.