Troubleshooting Electric Sauna Heater Problems

large sauna

An electric sauna heater is a great way to operate your sauna for those times of rest and relaxation. Many people have electric sauna heaters installed because of the ease of operation and maintenance. After you have used your sauna over time, you may notice that the heater is not working the way that it should. Troubleshooting your own electric sauna heater can save you plenty of money in the event that simple repairs are needed. Here is a short guide to help you troubleshoot our own electric sauna heater.

1. Read Instructions Carefully

The first thing you should do anytime you purchase any item that you may need to troubleshoot later on is to read the instruction manual and guide. This will explain many of the different components, what they do, how they should operate, and any simple maintenance like changing filters. You do not have to memorize the instructions, but you should have a fairly accurate knowledge of the components and different functions.

2. Check Circuit Breaker

panel box

Many times the problem with the electric sauna heater is a very simple fix. Check the circuit breaker that the heater is a part of. If it has tripped, reset it and see if it continues to trip when in use. If so, then the circuit is already overloaded. Have the sauna rewired so that it is on a dedicated circuit breaker.

3. Check Heater Location

If the problem is not found with the circuit breaker, the problem could be located with the placement of the heater itself. Check to make sure that the electric sauna heater is positioned at least 10 inches from the floor of the sauna. If not, then the heater will not be able to breathe the way that it should, causing it to shut off. If the heater is not 10 inches from the floor, you will have to reposition it.

4. Check Heater Guard Rail

Another problem that can cause the heater to malfunction is if the heater guardrail is positioned to close to the vents. This will block the air flow from circulating. The guardrails should be at least six inches away from the vents. If they are not, then reposition them until they are.

5. Fuses Are Blown

glass fuse

Besides being on a circuit breaker, an electric sauna heater also has built in safeguards with the inline fuse. If there is a short, or a large electrical pulse through the wires, the fuse will blow. Once the fuse is blown the heater will not work. Remove the fuse and check to see if the metal filament is blown. If so, then replace the fuse.

6. Check Vents

The sauna heater should have two vents for circulating the air. There should be an intake under the heater and an exhaust situated on the other side of the room. Check to make sure that there are two vents. If so, then check them to make sure they are not blocked or clogged with any debris. Clean them out and check the electric heater again.

You sauna electric heater will continue to work efficiently as long as you keep it well maintained and troubleshoot any problems immediately.