Troubleshooting Garage Door Opener Light Problems

What You'll Need
Door Opener Light Bulb
Phillips Screwdriver
Step Ladder

When troubleshooting garage door opener light problems, apply these steps to tackle the inconvenience. Following these easy procedures won't take you much time. Many factors can damage the opener lights, so be sure to check every possible failure. In the end, you may need to completely replace the opener lights.

Step 1-Check the Fuse Box

Before examining the light bulb, check the fuses. They might need to be replaced. A surge of electricity can both harm the fuses and cause issues with your opener lights. If the fuse needs replacement, purchase new fuses at the hardware store. Make sure to switch off the electricity before carefully installing the new fuse. Resettable fuses are useful as they automatically help balance the current electricity, but sometimes these types of fuses also need to be replaced.

Step 2-Check the Wires

Every once in a while, you should check the condition of the wires and also check that everything is properly wired. If this is an issue, electricity won't be conducted properly and you won't be able to turn on the lights. Even replacing the bulb won't make a difference. Wires can also be purchased at any hardware store. It's possible to use bell wire for low voltage applications.

Step 3-Check the Socket

The socket is another piece of the puzzle that could be damaged, especially if you haven't been conducting proper maintenance and cleaning. Rust and dust could accumulate and need to be managed. If the socket is corroded, replace it immediately, don't wait until the lights stop working.

Step 4-Replace the Bulb

To replace the bulb, start by setting a ladder next to the light housing. In this position, you'll work most comfortably. Once you've climbed up the ladder, unplug the opener. Find where the bulb is located and proceed to remove each screw. If it's a tab model, just push it out. Use a rag to remove the bulb by turning it in a counterclockwise direction; do this gently even if it's very tight. The rag will protect your hand in case the light bulb cracks. Since you're up there, take the opportunity to also clean out the housing area and be sure to remove dust from the socket. To install the new bulb, just screw it in. Put the screws back in and replug the opener.

Step 5-Lights Still On

If you find that your lights aren't turning off, unplug and replug the opener. Doing so will reset it, but don't abuse this tip.

As you see, many factors could be happening at the same time. Try to cover every aspect potentially contributing to the trouble and you’ll find many solutions. However, if you're still having issues with your lights even after following every step, check your warranty and call for professional assistance.