Troubleshooting HID Headlamp Problems

When experiencing problems with the HID headlamp, consider these troubleshooting tips first before hiring a technician.

The Bulb is Continuously Flicking

Check the connection between the wire harness in the vehicle and the HID ballast. Fix any loose connections and check the bulb again. If the connections are okay, remove them first, clean them with alcohol, wait for about ten minutes and reset the ballast. Reconnect the wires again and check the bulb. Check the fuses on the bulbs as well. If they have separate fuses, they should at least have 15 amp fuses each. If they share the same fuse, then at least a 25 amp fuse should be used.

The Lights Don’t Turn On

Try resetting the HID ballast after 5 minutes and turn them on again. If this doesn't resolve the issue, the problem may be on the battery. Check the battery for any damage. If it is in good working condition, make sure that it has sufficient amount of energy stored and all connections between the igniter, the HID ballast, and the bulb are secure. Any loose or disconnected wire can stop the headlamp from functioning. Check the fuse for the headlamp as well and make sure it is not damaged. If it appears to be blown, replace it with a new one.

Inconsistent Flashes

If the headlights do not flash consistently, make sure to turn the vehicle on first before turning the lights on. Make sure that the car battery provides at least 12V, because if it does not, the ballast can get damaged. If the headlamp requires additional high-power wires, make sure they are installed according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Inconsistent Brightness

If one headlamp is brighter than the other, check the light housing for any sign of damage. If the lens is dirty, clean it to make sure that the brightness is maximized. The angle of the lamps also plays a role in this problem. Both headlamps should be positioned at the same angles to the road.

Issues while Driving

If the lights suddenly stop working while on the road, pull over instantly and check the location of the ballast. If the location is near an area with high temperature, it will automatically stop working for safety reasons and thus shuts off the lamp. When the temperature normalizes, the ballast will start working again. Reinstall the ballast to a better location when the car is in a safe working place. If the lamp vibrates while driving, inspect the light housing socket and be sure to tighten all loose joints.

Disable Auto Switch on or Daytime Running Light Operations

When these functions are enabled, the HID system can fail to ignite and therefore fail to work. Keep in mind that the HID system needs a steady 12V supply in order to work properly. If these functions are turned on, they draw power form the battery and cause the 12V supply to decrease. Before driving, make sure that these options are turned off.