Troubleshooting Hot Tub Control Panel Problems

An outdoor hot tub on a patio.

A hot tub control panel acts as a timer, keeps the temperature constant, turns off the spa if you forget to, and helps troubleshoot problems with your spa. This is why it is important to keep the control panel in good working order.

Dead Control Panel

If part of the control panel is dead or the whole panel is frozen, you will want to see if the problem is the circuit board or the control panel. Examine the panel to see if any moisture is present inside the display. See if the panel or any buttons are cracked or if it could have possibly gotten wet. If only part of the control panel is not working, check for any blinking lights or error messages.

The first step is to simply reset the breaker. If there is still a problem, turn off the breaker again, disconnect the control panel, and examine the circuit board. Now turn the power back on and see if the hot tub starts to filter or heat up. The only sure way to test the control panel is to get one you know is working and connect it to the circuit board.

Circuit Board

If you have tested the control panel and it does not work with one that you know is working, you will probably need to replace the circuit board. Some symptoms of a circuit board problem are a blank or partially blank display, slowness in displaying messages, or LED lights that are not working properly. If you test the board and see it has low voltage, that is another sign you may need to replace the circuit board.

Displaying Dashes

If the control panel is not displaying an error message but only dashes, you will need to reset it. Turn off the power for one hour and then restore the power to the unit. This should reset the control panel.

Strange Messages

If the display is showing strange messages or blinking several lights at once, there may be a software problem or a problem with the circuit board itself. Locate the circuit board connections and see if any corrosion needs to be cleaned off of them. If there is any condensation, dry it off.

Blinking Red Light

A blinking red light on the control panel may indicate it needs to be reset. For most models, you will need to turn off the power to the spa for a minute or two and then turn it back on again. Turn on the lower amp breaker first if you have a hot tub powered by 240 volts. If it is 120 volts of household power, simply unplug it and then plug it back in after a couple of minutes.

Blinking Red and Green Lights

If both red and green lights are blinking, this could indicate low water flow. Resetting the spa by turning off the power, waiting and turning it back on is likely to resolve the issue.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t solve your problem, consult the owner’s manual for your controller. You can also contact the manufacturer for technical help.