Inflatable Water Slides: Quick Fixes to Common Problems

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If there is a problem with your inflatable water slide, it can put a real dampener on your next pool party. But don’t worry. By simply following the good advice below, you can troubleshoot most elementary problems.


Most blow-up waterslides can still operate efficiently with a pin hold sized puncture in them due to the power of their electric fans. However, if you notice such a puncture, it is wise to repair it as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If you bought the blow-up slide new, it probably came with a puncture repair kit. However, if you have exhausted this supply of material, there are other things you can use.

Some do-it-yourself enthusiasts suggest vulcanizing holes in blow up slides using an iron. This is not recommended, because you have very little control over how quickly the material will melt, or indeed whether it will ignite and catch fire! Also, you run the risk of burning yourself.

Duck tape is a safer bet for small punctures. This tape is strong and waterproof and will withstand being jumped on by your children.

For larger punctures, you could purchase cheap inflatable toys and cut pieces of them to use as your own puncture repair kit. Stick them down with an appropriate glue that will bond the substances together permanently. This will look unsightly but might make the inflatable waterslide last for the rest of the summer.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to punctures. Make sure that whoever uses your blow-up slide removes any jewelry they are wearing first.

Electric Fan Problems

As with all electric products, you must ensure that the electricity supply has been turned off before investigating any problem. It is not recommended to open sealed units in electrical fans. However, the do-it-yourself enthusiast might find an obvious problem upon the inspection of the exterior. For example, is there a filter or a vent that is blocked?


If you don’t take down the inflatable waterslide between uses, it is inevitable that the plastic or rubber it is made of will fade in the sun. This is not a functional problem in itself but will cause the slide to look tired and worn before its time.

Burst Seams

A burst seam is a serious and significant puncture. Due to the stress placed on the seams from inflation and use, repairs have to be robust. Consult a professional company for a quotation. However, it may be more cost-efficient to replace the inflatable waterslide completely.