Troubleshooting Low Flush Toilet Problems

Have you have tried to flush your low flush toilet and found that it refused to work? Has there been a problem with the water tank filling and emptying? There are all manner of issues that can occur to cause toilet flushing problems, despite the simplicity of the toilet innards. A huge amount of these problems are very simple to address. Being familiar with the moving parts will help you to solve problems with your toilet plumbing.

Handle Troubleshooting

Lift the lid off the tank and put it somewhere safe. The handle on the outside that you use to flush with is attached inside the tank to a handle lever. This, in turn has a chain attached. If the chain has become detached from the handle lever, it will prevent the handle from tugging on the chain as you flush and that will prevent the rest of the process. Simply reattach the hook through the ‘eye hole’ at the tip of the handle lever and secure it back in place with pliers.

If the handle is loose tighten it carefully using a counterclockwise rotation from the inside of the tank. Be cautious that you do not tighten it too far because you could crack the ceramic tank

Checking the Ballcock

If the water in the toilet system seems to fill too early or too late it could mean that the plunger or diaphragm ballcock is not shutting off completely. In this case, you can bend the float arm to push float ball further into the water. There are 4 basic types of ballcocks (or fill valves) that you might have in your toilet. These are the Plunger Fill Valve, Diaphragm Fill Valve, Float Cup Fill Valve and Floatless Fill Valve. Replacement parts should be identical to the broken part being removed.

Constant Water Flowing

If you can constantly hear water running through your toilet system it might be that the ‘tank flapper’ which is a rubber plug, has not set correctly back the plug hole. This is a little like the plug in a sink not sitting right and then water running down the drain. It seals the water inside the tank until such time as it is flushed.


At the back of the handle lever is an overflow pipe, from which comes a fill tube. If the flow pipe becomes blocked for any reason (and this is very rare indeed), it can cause the toilet to keep flowing and start draining excess water outside of the tank. Remove the tube and clean out the flow pipe.

Inside the Toilet Bowl

These are usually the main reasons why your toilet might not perform correctly. If there is a clogging issue and the water will not drain from the bowl when you flush, you will need to use a plunger to create a vacuum in the U-bend of the toilet. This will effectively cause an air kickback and clear any blockages in the pipe work.