Troubleshooting Mobile Home Oil Furnace Fans

A mobile home oil furnace is one of the most durable, and reliable, appliances in your home. They can last for 20 to 30 years with very little in the way of repairs. A good annual cleaning will help prolong the life of your mobile home oil burning furnace so that you are kept warm, without the worry of the large expense of replacing the furnace. Simple troubleshooting of your furnace will also help you not only prolong the life, but head off any major problems down the road. Of course, there are those freezing cold nights when your furnace can have some problems. Here are some common problems with the home oil furnace fan that will help you get it going again. 

Worn Wires

After several years of use, the wires that run from the furnace motor to the blower fan will begin to fray. This is especially true if they are close to any metal edges. Through the use of the furnace, the vibrations will move the wires along the edges causing them to fray and short out. Replace these wires to have your furnace operating again.

Fan Belt Worn

While this type of set up is not a common sight in mobile home oil burning furnaces, they are used in some older models. If your furnace fan is either working sluggishly, intermittently, or has all of a sudden stopped working, the culprit may be the fan belts. This belt is located between the fan and the motor. With use it will begin to deteriorate, crack, and fail. Replacement fan belts can be found through home centers, or through your HVAC service person.

No Oil in Motor

The fan motor has two different oil ports. The are located on the end of the blower motor that is opposite of the shaft. These oil ports will be in a direct line of each other and should have oil added at least 2 times a year. When the oil is not applied, the shaft will produce friction which can either warp the shaft, or cause the fan to seize. Each type of furnace basically has the same application technique, but you should check your manual to make sure.


There are many problems that are associated with the blower fan that are caused by not cleaning the furnace on an annual schedule. Dirt, hair, lint, and grease will all cause the fan shaft to bind causing the fan to operate slowly or with a lot of noise. When you begin to see a problem with the way that fan is operating, or start to hear the squealing noise, you should immediately clean the motor and the fan assembly. 

Warped Blades

As the fan continues to work each year they can become either warped (because of heat), cracked or chipped. This is mostly due to dirt that finds its way into the inner workings of the mobile home oil furnace. Removing the center nut with an adjustable wrench will usually be all you need to remove the fan itself and replace it with a new one. If it is not replaced, the shaft can bend or the motor can eventually burn up.