Troubleshooting Outdoor Wood Stoves

What You'll Need
Outdoor wood stove
Rope or twine

Outdoor wood stoves are devices that use energy efficiently. The wood stove, in a way, is suitable for both worlds as the wood stove is setup outside the house but connected through pipes to the inside of the house. The heat is carried by pipes to the house and at times it is also used to warm up the patios or greenhouses. Installation of the wood stove in the outdoor definitely keeps the bad odor of burnt or burning wood away from the house. The wood stoves are installed at a useful and safe distance away from the house.

Preparation Phase

Prior to the installation, it is necessary to dig up a hole that is almost 4 inches in depth and just about the size of the stove. The hole is to be filled up with concrete and allowed to set. Then, for the pipes a trench is to be dug near the area where the maximum depth is obtained due to frost penetration. The trench should be able to hold wires that would be set inside a 6-inch pipe and 2 rows of pex pipe of an inch.

Installation Phase

The instruction book that comes along with the box contains information regarding setting up the outdoor wood stove on concrete flooring. Make sure all the connections and pipes are not damaged while traveling through the frame of the stove. Adding cement at the bottom portion of the stove will fix at one location.

Heat Exchanger

The furnace and the heat exchanger are to be installed together and should also be connected on an output plenum. You will find all kinds of sizes in hardware stores or even online, that fit into the plenum. The pipes that are connected to the heat exchanger and the furnace are to be used along with compression fittings. The pipes can be held tightly together by tightening the fittings using a wrench.

Connection of Wires

The complete circuit is formed by installing the pipe in the water heater inside the house. The Heat Exchange Furnace causes the water in the heater to move forward and backward in a circular manner. After this, the circuit breaker can be added to the breaker junction and the wires can be connected to the breaker box. Connect a thermostat to a wire pipe to determine the level of heat emitted from the stove. Connect another wire to a pump that will run hot water when triggered. 

Final Stage

The heater is to be filled with water. The stove is to be lit after placing wood inside it. Make sure the pipes do not have any kind of leak or failure. Also check for circulation of hot water through the system. Now, check for hot water. This water can now be used for heating purposes or as a source for hot water that the family can use.