Troubleshooting Pergola Plans Troubleshooting Pergola Plans

Although you may have purchased a set of pergola plans, you should troubleshoot them to save yourself time and aggravation. Many plans are complete and easy-to-follow. Some are not and look instead as if you might need a degree in engineering to figure them out.

Using Pergolas

Pergolas are rooms without walls. You can use them in many ways, perhaps as a transition between the home and another structure such as a garage. You can also use pergolas as entryways to specific areas in your yard, perhaps combined with lattice trellis for holding clinging vines. 

Identifying a Complete Set of Pergola Plans

Make sure any plans you consider are complete and readable. Every set of plans should include the following:

  • Materials list
  • Detailed footing layout
  • Post design
  • Sections (optional) design
  • Defined elevations
  • Fully detailed measurements
  • Trelliswork design
  • Brace templates
  • Full-sized templates for your rafters and beams
  • Staining guide with recommendations
  • Designer notes about specific accents and other details.

Finding Pergola Plans Online

You can find hundreds of different pergola plans either for free or for reasonable prices online. There’s no need to order them by mail or phone and wait several weeks for their arrival.

Online ordering means instant download and access. Obtain all necessary contact information for the seller in the event you need clarification or additional information.

Identifying a Good Materials List

The plan you acquire should include a detailed materials list. The list should also map out the layout and dimensions so you will have on the list the required number or board length measurements. Because you acquire plans for a speecfic size of pergola, you should not need to take any measurements.

An accurate materials list will also allow you to know your material costs up front by matching your needs with your retailer’s published price list.

The material list should be complete so all you have to do is enter the home improvement center, hand the employee your list and ask for “this.”

Identifying Easy-to-Follow Plans

Your pergola plans should contain a step-by-step installation guide. Obtain one with photos, which will help guide the construction. Photos can clarify confusing steps.

Finding Bargains

Many online sellers of pergola plans offer incentives, such as free plans for another woodworking do-it-yourself project. For instance, if you buy a set of pergola plans, they might throw in plans for a picnic table. Look for bargains before you buy.

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