Troubleshooting Problems with a Stock Tank

There are several different types of a stock tank. A stock tank can be used for a landscape design that is filled with aquatics, or we could be referring to the stock tank that your horses drink from.

Either way, most problems with any type of stock tanks can be resolved by using mainly the same techniques. Read the information below on problems that may occur with stock tanks, and how to resolve these problems.

Growing Algae

Day after day you find yourself dumping out the old and filling it with new because of algae. The main source of this problem is sunlight. Algae grows at a rapid pace when it is directly exposed to sunlight, and more rapidly depending on how the sun is shining.

Move your stock pond to a shadier place, or you can simply plant some shrubs, or such around your stock tank to shield it from the light a little more.


A crack happening to your stock tank is very common. A crack can be caused from several different things, and is pretty easy to fix.

Before you start this crack clean up, run to your local hardware store and grab an epoxy solution that is used when repairing cracks and some fiberglass cloth.

First you will want to empty any water that is in the stock tank. Obviously since there is a crack, depending on how severe, there may not be much water left in it. You do, however, want to make sure you are dealing with a fairly dry stock tank when repairing a crack.

Now using sandpaper, sand the entire area where the crack is. By doing this you are creating a rough surface so that the "patch" adheres better to your tank. Now take a piece of fiberglass cloth and cut it to size, making sure you are covering the crack and a little extra.

Mix the epoxy solution you purchased, and brush it on to the fiberglass cloth. Cover it completely, and make sure it is good and saturated. A good suggestion is to actually wait overnight before you fill the tank with water again. If you are unable to do this, just make sure you wait long enough for the epoxy to dry and set up.

Muddy or Cloudy Waters

Anything that holds a good amount of water is bound to get a little mucky or cloudy looking every now and then. However, if you believe that your tank is all too often becoming this way, there are a few things you can do.

Obviously, you will first want to get rid of all the old water that is in there now, and scrub it down very well. The other thing to think about is elevating your tank. If you raise your tank off the ground, it won't accumulate so much mud and dirt, therefore making it stay cleaner a little longer.

Now that you've discovered how to remedy the problem with your stock tank, you are ready to put it to work. Good luck, and enjoy the finished product.