Troubleshooting Problems with an Electric Sprinkler Head Troubleshooting Problems with an Electric Sprinkler Head

When your electric sprinkler is damaged, it means spending money to pay for professionals to check it out and make repairs. The process is not cheap and can sometimes be annoying. In this article, you will be given a guide to know where the damage is and be able to fix it by yourself, thus saving you money and giving you a new interesting project. Below are a few tips on how to fix and know the causes of damage to your electric sprinkler.

Electric Sprinkler Head

Most of the time, an electric sprinkler head is damaged by lawn mower blades or snow shovels, or they just simply wear out because of long usage. The fastest procedure to repair it is to unscrew the stem and replace it with a new one. To prevent this from happening again, it is time to dig a deeper hole to place your electric sprinkler.

Check the Power Plug

The most basic thing that you need to do is to check the power supply. Like with most appliances in your home, the most common issue is that the electrical cord is simply unplugged. If the power cord is plugged and the electric sprinkler is still not functioning, check if the main switch and power fuses are running properly. These steps will help minimize the search for the problem.

Water Running Non-Stop

Inspect the control unit to see if the shutting off timer is set properly. Sometimes, you just need to reprogram the control unit for it to run properly. Check if the valve is shut off manually. You just have to re-tighten the solenoid and the screw. Inspect the diaphragm and check if there are any blockages. If there are blockages, clean the diaphragm or replace it with a new one if you need to. Inspect the solenoid and see if there is damage. If it is completely worn out, you can simply replace it.

Leaks on the Sprinkler When Properly Shut Off

Run the valve with water but you need to first open the bleed screw and clean the diaphragm. Inspect the solenoid to check if it is tightly screwed. Unscrew the solenoid and inspect the O-ring. If it is not positioned properly, then leaks will continue running until it is replaced with a new one.

Valve Will Not Turn On Electronically

Inspect the control unit to see if it is turned on and it has sufficient power supply. Look for the wiring or the fuse. Sometimes, you need to replace the fuse for it to run properly. Check the control unit to see if it is programmed to control the sprinkler. If not, then you need to reprogram the control unit. Inspect the stem to see if it is open.

Insufficient Water Flowing

Inspect the water supply; check if the pressure is sufficient enough to pump water. Set the water pressure to high. Another tip is to check if the lawn has many sprinklers and whether water pressure is sufficient for all of them. Take the sprinkler’s head and see if it will work properly. If it did, add more water pressure.

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