Troubleshooting Problems with Vinyl Clad Windows

While vinyl clad windows look good, and are also virtually maintenance free, they may develop problems from time to time. Rather than having to replace the windows, a few troubleshooting steps may help you to repair your vinyl clad windows without having to call in assistance. There are a few basic steps which you can take to help clear up any problems your windows may be experiencing.


Condensation can sometimes settle on the inside of your glass. This can trap moisture inside your home, and lead to damage on your windows. This problem is caused by excessive moisture in the atmosphere, which clings to cold surfaces such as glass. In order to prevent this problem, you need to vent clothes dryers and washers, exhausts, and other appliances, and keep the window open while cooking.

Vinyl Is Peeling

A problem with older vinyl clad windows is that it can quickly peel or become loose due to damp. One way of avoiding these problems is to apply a self-adhesive weather-stripping to your vinyl, so that it is protected against moisture. If the vinyl is already peeling, then you can either stick it down again using a simple glue, or remove that part of your cladding, and replace it with fresh vinyl.