Troubleshooting Problems with Wall-Hung Toilets

There are various problems connected with wall-hung toilets in your home. You may have a problem with the connection between the toilet and the water supply, or you may realize that your wall-hung toilet is not securely fixed to the bathroom wall. Before you try to solve the problem, you first need to check the installation technique used to install the wall-hung toilet, as well as the type of toilet you have.

An ordinary wall-hung toilet can be of two different types. It can either be equipped with a flush meter or it can have a water tank similar to that of a floor-mounted toilet. Problems can be common to both types of wall-hung toilets, or the problems can differ according to the type of toilet.

Fixing Loosened Wall-Hung Toilets

One of the greatest problems people may have with a wall-hung toilet is that as soon as they sit on it, they feel that the toilet is a bit too loose. In this case, the toilet may not have been installed securely against the wall. You need to remove the toilet from the wall and install it again. If you did not originally install the toilet yourself, you should call a professional plumber to do the re-installation job for you.

Fixing Leaking Wall-Hung Toilets

Like floor-mounted toilets, wall-hung toilets may experience water leaks as well. In most cases, the toilet starts leaking when you flush it. The problem may be the installation or the connection with the plumbing and water supply.

If you ignore the problem and do not try to solve it in the first place, the problem may grow, and you will have to pay more money to fix the problem and repair the damage later. The leaks may cause damage to the wall if the water is leaking against it. If you have a leaking toilet, you should shut it off and take it away from the wall at once to avoid any more damage.

Solving Water Tank Problems

Those wall-hung toilets that have an attached water tank may also experience a problem in the tank. You may notice that the water is running continuously and the tank does not shut off after flushing. If this is your problem, you need to adjust the float or ball cock inside the tank.

In case you can still hear the sound of running water, even though the toilet bowl is already full, you should remove the cover of the tank and adjust the ball cock with a screwdriver. If you fail to stop the running water, try replacing the entire unit.

You can still have a problem with running water in a wall-hung toilet that it is equipped with a flush meter instead of a water tank. The meter controls the flow of the water in the same manner as a ball cock or float. You may need to replace the flush meter with a new one. In many cases, this replacement should solve the problem.

Remember that when compared to floor-mounted toilets, wall-hung toilets need walls that are thicker to hold the weight of the unit and its water tank. Most households do not have thick walls, so they need to be remodeled to accommodate the wall-hung toilets.