Troubleshooting Problems with Your Panel Saw

A saw.

A panel saw is a very useful and versatile tool. It takes up very little floor space and creates good, sharp cuts. It’s especially useful if you have a great deal of cutting to do. Like anything else, a panel saw can develop problems.

You can save yourself some money by troubleshooting the problems yourself. Many of them can be solved quite simply.

1. Panel Saw Won’t Turn On

If your panel saw won’t turn on, check several things. To start, is the panel saw plugged in? Always check the plug to ensure that the plug is firm in the outlet. If everything seems fine, check the circuit breaker to see if it’s been tripped. If it has, reset it.

Check the outlet by plugging in a different appliance to see if it works. If not, you’ll need to repair the outlet. If it’s fine, you know the problem is in the panel saw and you will have to investigate the problem further.

2. Panel Saw Stops

If you’re in the middle of a cut and the panel saw stops, switch it off, then check the cord to see if the saw is still plugged in. Always make sure you switch the saw off first. If the cord has become unplugged, plug it back in, then switch the saw back on. If not, check the on/off switch next to ensure it’s working properly. If you’re not sure, use a multitester on it.

3. Blunt Blade

Over time the blade on your panel saw will become blunt. You can sharpen it or replace it. Either way, you’ll need to follow the instructions for removing and installing a blade. Make sure that the switch is off, and for extra safety, unplug the saw before you switch the blades.

4. Rocker Switch

One common problem with a panel saw is that you need to replace the rocker switch that is the on/off control. This might be because it’s failed or because it’s simply worn out from use.

Whatever the cause, it’s an easy job. Unplug the saw. Behind the switch, you’ll see two wires that hook on to the switch by connectors. Remove them, noting which joins where on the switch.

The switch has clamps on each side. Pinch them together then push and the switch will pop out. Put the new switch in, connect the wires, and plug the saw back in. Switch it on to test.

5. Wiring

If your panel saw won’t operate and the problem isn’t in the outlet or the rocker switch, it will almost certainly be in the wiring. Before you look at the wiring, unplug the saw. You’ll need to trace the wiring from the plug through the saw.

The most likely cause is that a wire will have come loose somewhere or have been broken. Once you’ve found the disconnection or break, you can reattach or use a wire connector to complete the circuit. Make sure the wire is well insulated. Plug the panel saw back in and turn it on to test.