Troubleshooting Problems with Your Radial Arm Saw Motor

Your radial arm saw motor should be good for many years of use. There are instances that the motor may make odd sounds, or seize up for no seemingly good reason. You may also find that the motor works one day and the next day is having issues. Believe it or not, trouble shooting your radial saw may be easier than you think.

Basics First

Before getting into some more serious problems you will want to check the easy things first. You should check to make sure that the saw is plugged in. You also should make certain that the plug is working; you may have tripped a circuit and only need to reset the plug before your saw functions again. If your saw is constantly tripping the same circuit, it may be overloaded and a different circuit may need to be used.

If you are certain that there is power to the saw and it is still not functioning then try the safety switch as well. The safety mechanism will not allow the saw to function if it is not depressed.

Another basic step that you can do is to press the reset button on the saw. The placement of the button will depend on the model that you have. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific placement.

Clear The Area

Turn the power off and unplug the saw. You are going to want to remove the blade cover and check to make sure that nothing is blocking the blade from turning. A scrap piece of material may have wedged itself up in the saw, causing the motor to grind or wheeze when the machine is powered on. Take this time to ensure that all debris is cleared away from the work area.

Burned Out Motor

In the worst case you may have burned out your motor if your machine will not start up. If you were working on a project and the machine just stopped, then allow it to cool and try to use it again. You should be able to smell a burned out motor. If it does not turn on and you have allowed it to cool, then smell the motor to see if it smells burned. If this is the case then you will most likely need to replace it.

Stalled Motor

If you have been working on a large project or working with tougher stock you may find that your motor may stall. Just meaning that it stops. It will need to cool down in order to be able to start up again. Try replacing your blade. A sharper blade will be more efficient for the motor. If your motor keeps stalling then it might be warning you that the time for replacement is near.

There are really not too many problems that you can have with your radial arm saw motor. You can replace a few of the parts over time, and make sure that you are cutting with a sharp blade, but when the time comes for replacement you may just need to give in. Unless of course you are a skilled rebuilder of all things electrical.