Troubleshooting Problems with Your Wood Chipper

Red wood chipper

In many cases, it is a small problem that causes your wood chipper not to perform optimally.

1. The Chip Quality is Unsatisfactory

The main cause is that the wood chipper’s blades have become blunt and require sharpening. The blades may also have been sharpened too often and are no longer suitable for the task. If less than 28mm remains per blade, replace them. The anvil may have become worn, in which case you can rotate it, but if this does not work, you will need to replace it. Finally, the distance between the anvil and the blades may be wider than optimal and this situation can be rectified by simply adjusting the distance.

2. Poor Ejection from the Spout

man feeding branches into a wood chipper

  1. The drive belts may be severely worn or may have become slack and all that is required is to adjust it, but badly worn belts will need to be replaced.
  2. There is not sufficient drive which indicates that there is not enough power from the engine. In certain cases, there will be insufficient RPM on the machine and you need to simply increase speed so as to increase revs.
  3. The ejector wings have become worn and need to either be adjusted or replaced.
  4. The facing plate may be blocking the flow of chips in which case speed needs to be increased.
  5. The rollers are not spinning satisfactorily.
  6. There may not be enough hydraulic fluid, which is simply corrected by a refill. The rollers may be blocked and will require cleaning. The flow valve may have been unscrewed too far and needs adjustment.
  7. The revolution guard may be preventing the rollers from turning. Correct this by increasing the RPM on the motor. The bypass valve could be dirty and simply requires cleaning.
  8. The operation bow may be in the incorrect position and must be placed in the “A” position.
  9. The rollers are not pulling satisfactorily.
  10. There may not be sufficient hydraulic fluid flow, in which case the flow valve requires adjustment. The hydraulic fluid is hotter than acceptable and you will need to turn the machine off until the fault can be determined. The hydraulic fluid pump may be worn or defective and in both instances will need to be replaced. The hydraulic fluid filter may also have become clogged and the element will need to be replaced. Replace the hydraulic oil if the viscosity is no longer acceptable.
  11. The v-belts could be slack and simply require tightening.
  12. The control valve’s pressure control may be clogged. This valve may only need to be cleaned, but if such does not help, it will have to be replaced.

3. Engine does not Start

As over simplified as it may sound, check that the wood chipper has fuel and fill the tank if this is the problem. Inspect the spark plug electrical wire connection and check the spark plug, which may also be faulty or old, in which case, simply replace it. Check if your model wood chipper has a throttle. If the machine does have one, insure that it is in the “fast” position. Check if your model wood chipper has a choke and if so, insure that it is the “choke” position.