Troubleshooting Swimming Pool Sand Filter Problems Troubleshooting Swimming Pool Sand Filter Problems

A swimming pool sand filter is designed to remove debris out of the water in your pool. Water should be removed from the pool and pumped through the sand filter. If there are any problems with this sand filter then it can result in particles of dirt not being removed properly. Troubleshooting all of these filters is required so that you can find out what is wrong and put the problem right. There are a number of different brands of filters available and although they all work in a similar way the parts will not normally be interchangeable. Ensure you're purchasing the right components for your filter. A sand filter uses sand to remove small particles from the water. As these filters will operate for 8 hours or longer each day they need to be properly maintained.

Particles Remain in Water

If particles of dirt remain in the water after back washing then this could be a result of the pump not being powerful enough. If the pump isn't powerful enough then this will cause debris to remain in the water.

Filter not Effective

If the filter isn't working properly then this could be because the sand needs to be changed. Under normal operating conditions the sand needs to be completely changed every 2 to 3 years. The sand used must be designed for pool filters. Silica sand 20 is the only sand that you should ever be using.

Sand in Water

If any of the filter sand is escaping into the water then this could be due to damage to the filter unit itself. If the filter is damaged then this will need replacing. You may also be able to replace the individual components inside the filter.

This could also be because the sand particles are not settled. After back washing the filter you should run the rinse function for around 15 seconds. This will ensure that the sand particles are settled.

Leaking Pool Filter

If the pool filter is leaking then the first thing that you will need to look at is where it is leaking from. There are a number of different places where a sand filter can leak from. Over the winter months the water inside the filter can freeze and expand. This could cause pipes or the filter body to crack and become damaged. If this is the case then these pipes or filter components will need replacing.

Leaking water not only creates a mess but it will also cost you extra money. These problems should be repaired as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of water you waste.

Calling in an Expert

Of course, if you struggle to find the cause of the problem yourself then you should call in an experienced pool maintenance engineer. These people will be experienced and able to get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible. By fixing this problem you can make your filter much more efficient

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