Troubleshooting Your Drain Blockage

Everyone gets drain blockage from time to time. Your kitchen sink drain could get blocked through food particles, bathroom drains get clogged from hair, drains outdoors could get clogged through things falling in to the pipes. Other reasons for drain blockage include build-up of lime scale, algae or simply dust particles. You can troubleshoot the drainage problem yourself without undergoing the expense of a technician.

Understanding the Problem

There are some drainage equipment’s available in the market that allows you to insert a tiny camera into the drain pipe to understand the reason for the blockage. Understanding the reason for the drain blockage can help prevent future restrictions.  Sometimes the pipes could be blocked due to pieces of ice formed in frozen pipes. Pieces of food, dust, hair, bubbles of air or algae can also be a reason for the block. Most of these reasons are easy to understand depending on the location of the drain. You don’t have to call a plumber every time and can fix the problem yourself.

Fixing the Problem

You can easily fix the blockage yourself. Try using warm water to flush out the blockage and if that doesn’t work then you can use a hose and send a blast of water down the pipes. Pouring bleach down the drain will get rid of lime scale or algae. You can also use vinegar to cut grease. A plunger can help unplug most drains and if that doesn’t help then use a wire available in the market for cleaning drains. The wire allows you to push your way into the pipe. Opening the end of the pipe if you can locate it can also help release settled dirt. There are a number of other simple equipment’s available in the market for the purpose of unblocking drains. You can find chemicals that you can add to the drain that slowly dissolve the restriction. Putting a heat pad around the drain for a few hours can thaw out a frozen pipe.There are a number of more expensive options available and in the long term it may be cheaper to invest in one of those as the cost of plumbers can add up.

Preventing the Blockage

Regular cleaning of the drain can help prevent a lot of inconvenience and it will ensure that the drain blockage is not too tough to tackle on your own. PVC pipes are a good way to help keep your drains in a good condition. Older pipes like copper or iron can get blocked due to rotting or chemical reactions. Add a net to catch unwanted things falling into a drain and try and clean it every time you use the bath or the kitchen sink. Use the mild chemicals available in the market to keep the drains clean. As soon as you feel the drains are getting blocked fix the problem before it becomes too severe. If you cannot manage to drain the pipe yourself then seek the help of a good plumber.