Troubleshooting Your Faulty Drill Press

If you have a stand up drill press in your home's workshop that is not working properly, you need to troubleshoot the problem in order to fix it and restore the drill press to its proper working order. In order to troubleshoot the problems that may occur with the drill press, you need to be able to identify and diagnose the problems causing the drill press to work improperly. The problems that you may be experiencing with a faulty drill press includes the drill press not powering on, the drill press shutting down in the middle of a project and the drill press making strange sounds during operation. Each of these occurrences needs to be resolved or they will affect the quality of the work that you need the drill press to perform.

Troubleshooting problems with your drill press does not require a special set of skills except a good ear and set of eyes to observe these problems should they occur with you drill press.

Drill Press Does Not Turn On

The simplest problem to troubleshoot is if you press the switch for your drill press and nothing happens.  This means that the drill press has stopped working and there is a fault somewhere in the wiring to your drill press. If it is an older drill press, it may be time to consider replacing the drill press with a newer, more reliable model. If the drill press is newer, you need to check the warranty certificate, as well as any service bulletins to see if the problem with your drill press not turning on is something that is covered under warranty or subject to a recent recall order by the manufacturer.

Drill Press Shuts Down During Operation

The problem with the drill press shutting down during the middle of an operation is similar to the problem of it not working at all. This is an electrical problem that indicates that the drill press is has a short somewhere in its circuitry or may have been exposed to some liquid that caused the circuits to short. You should inspect the area immediately around the drill press to make sure that there is no water leakage that may also pose a potential electrocution hazard to you.

You should consult with any service bulletins or manufacturer recalls regarding the product if it is fairly new in order to determine if the product warranty is still valid.

Drill Press Makes Noise

A noisy drill press during operation can indicate that there is a loose part somewhere inside the drill press. You will need to listen carefully to determine where the noise is coming from and isolate its location in order to determine what part may be loose. The best case scenario would be that the loose part is something that can be fixed immediately. The worse case scenario is that the part that is causing the drill press to operate noisily is a piece that is broken and needs to be repaired.