Troubleshooting Your Flag Pole Light

A flag pole light should generally be reliable, but sometimes things do go wrong and they stop working. To troubleshoot your flag pole light, check the following areas.

Power Supply

Check the fuse board or circuit breaker board to identify or rule out the source of your problem. If a fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped, you can repair the fuse and close the circuit breaker. Try the light again. It should now work properly unless the fuse blows again.

The plug

Remove the plug from the receptacle and check if it feels hot. If so, the heat may signal that one of the wires is loose and needs tightening. Open the plug and make sure the wires are firmly connected. If the fuse blew again, check that there isn’t a stray wire strand causing a short circuit in the plug.


If the fuse blew again, you have a short circuit so you need to check all the connections between the light unit and the fuse board. Locate the cause and repair the fuse.

The Receptacle

If the flag pole light still does not work, use a mains tester to ensure that there is power in the receptacle. If there is no power, remove the fuse or trip the circuit breaker, then remove the cover and check that each of the wires is properly fitted to the terminals. Restore the power and check to ensure there is now power to the receptacle.

Light Unit

Ensure the unit is connected to the power line. Carefully open the light unit terminal cover and use a mains tester to check if power arrives at the terminals. Check that the wires are properly connected to the terminals. If there is no power at the terminals, the problem lies in the cable from the plug to the light unit. You will have to trace the cable to look for a cut or break.

The Bulb

If power arrives at the flag pole light unit, open the light fitting and remove the bulb. Check it with a circuit tester to make sure it has not blown. Use a mains tester to ensure that there is power arriving at the bulb holder. Replace the bulb.

Bulb Type

If the bulb does not light, check to make sure it is the correct type, voltage and wattage for your flag pole light unit. If not, change to the correct type of bulb. It should now light.

The Transformer

The transformer will be fitted to the power cable between the plug and the light unit. Check that power arrives at the transformer and that the terminals are tightly connected.

Transformer Output

With a voltage meter, check to make sure that power leaves the transformer at the correct DC voltage.

Output Terminals

Make sure the wires are tightly fitted into the output terminals.