Troubleshooting Your Hose Reel Cart

Most problems that can pop up with your hose reel cart are pretty easy to fix. Routine maintenance eliminates most problems and others can be fixed or corrected in a matter of only a few minutes. This article will present some typical problems that may come up and offer suggestions as to how to deal with them.

Gloves and Glasses

Always wear gloves to protect your hands and safety glasses to prevent damage to your eyes. Pressurized air and water are particularly dangerous to the eyes because they can blast particles into your eyes too suddenly for your blink reflex to prevent entry. It only takes a moment to put on a pair of safety glasses, and the savings can be immeasurable.

General Maintenance

Inspect your hose reel cart periodically for loose bolts or screws, or other parts that are not working as they are intended. Tighten down the the various fasteners, and use machine oil to lubricate moving parts. There are special machine oils used to lubricate air connectors, and these should be applied once a month or more, depending on how often the device is used.

Crimps and Binds

When using or moving the hose reel cart, be careful to avoid crimps or binds that could pinch the hoses and cause leaks. Crimps or pinches in the hose prevent air and water flow, and may cause the hose itself to burst. Always be careful when retracting hoses to make sure that they do not get folded over on themselves, creating a blockage in the reel.

Leaking Connectors

Be careful of leaking connectors. A very common problem with a garden hose is when a small rubber washer in the female end of the hose falls out. This often results is leaks and water spraying out of the connector.  Leaks in air hoses are characterized by hissing sounds. Some leakage may be unavoidable at connectors, but permanent connections should not leak. Tighten the screws, or trim down the sides of a joint and re-insert the straight connector.

Examine Hoses

Whether you have an air or water hose reel cart, the single biggest problem you are likely to encounter are worn or punctured hoses. Air hoses are notorious for bubbles appearing in places where the outer lining has been compromised. These spots can be dangerous, and have been known to burst, creating a fireless explosion. When worn spots are discovered in your hoses, repair the bad places with inline connectors or replace the hose completely.

Prevent Problems with Wheel Blocks

One way to avoid causing cuts or punctures in your hoses is to prevent the hose reel cart from rolling over them. If your cart is equipped with wheel locks, always make sure that they are engaged. If there are no wheel locks, use small blocks of wood placed on either side of the wheels or casters. Even if the blocks do not completely stop the cart from moving, they will create a barrier that prevents hoses from getting pinched under the wheels.