Troubleshooting Your Inside Mount Blinds

If your inside mount blinds are not operating correctly, some troubleshooting will help you isolate and fix the problem. Inside mount blinds run horizontally and are recessed inside the window frame to provide a seamless look.


What are the reasons why inside mount blinds get damaged? If you just purchased a new set of blinds, chances are the problem could be traced to mishandling of the blinds during shipping. If the blinds are titled upwards, this could cause the cord lock to get stuck. You can release it by jerking the cord lock a bit or using a screwdriver to move the cord lock into its correct position.


Misalignment of the tilt mechanism could also prevent the blinds from functioning properly. This can lead to detachment of the curtain rod. Just in case the curtain rod gets detached from the curtain, gently push the rod into its housing until it attaches again.

What to Do

First, try to make the slats move up and down. If you cannot move the slats, check to see if an something is stuck in the head rail such as a piece of screw, a small object or the string that ties the slats. If so, get a small knife and carefully remove the obstruction from the rail. Once the rail is cleared, you can move the slats up and down.

Remove the slats from the brackets if they come off. Use pliers to bend the slat inward just in case it has been deformed outward. This can cause the slats to come off their brackets.

If the blinds are wobbly, the stationary pins are bent. Use pliers to straighten the pins. The pins make the shade stable when moved.

Regular Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the best way to prevent your blinds from getting damaged. Use a feather duster to dust off dirt from the blinds once a week. This prevents the dirt from building-up. And if you have blinds in the kitchen, you need to consider the oil, humidity and temperature changes can affect the formation of dirt in your blinds.

Detach the blinds from their housing every two months. Use a wet sponge with soap and clean the slats one by one. Once you are done soaping the slats, wash them using a hose, or a bucket of clean water. Let it dry or you can wipe the blinds, one by one. You don’t need to purchase an expensive cleaner to maintain your blinds; your everyday detergent will do.

Move the curtain rod from time to time and listen for any squeaking. Squeaking indicates that you need to oil the end of the curtain rod. Sewing machine oil is enough to do magic to fix the squeaking curtain rod. Always make sure your blinds are clean from dust and residue.