Troubleshooting Your Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Out of the three different garage door openers on the market today, the screw drive garage door opener is in the middle of the pack. Being a little more expensive than a chain drive and less expensive than the belt drive, this type of garage door opener is fairly common among people who are looking for a good quality product without a large expense. Once you have bought your garage door opener you are left with the task of maintaining it and keeping it in good working order. There are times when your garage door opener will have problems due to use and wear. Here are some tips to troubleshooting your screw drive garage door opener yourself and keeping it working properly.

Check All Hardware First

Before you jump into tearing your garage door opener apart because it is not working properly, take some time to check out the various nuts and bolts that hold up your system. These nuts and bolts can have a lot to do with the overall function of your garage door opener. Most of the time when you believe that there is a serious problem with your garage door opener it can be directly attributed to loose hardware. Check over the entire rail system, mounting brackets, motor assembly, and even garage door fasteners to make sure that they are all snug.

No Oil on Screw Drive

The screw drive garage door opener works with the combination of a threaded rod and a lifting mechanism that travels along the length of the rod. As the rod turns it will move the mechanism along its threads according to whether it is raising or lowering the garage door. If you notice that the door is not raising as quickly as it should, makes a squeaking sound, or that the door has a bounce to it, you should oil the threaded rod. This is easily done through using a greased rag and rubbing it along the length of the rod.

Garage Door Does Not Work with Remote

You will notice that there are times when the remote will not work with your garage door opener. If you can still activate the opener through the hard wired touch control, then you know that it isn't anything to do with the motor itself. Usually, the problem is associated with the eye sensor. Clean it with a soft rag and try the remote again. If you are still having problems, make sure the wires connecting the sensor are attached and not corroded. You can also unplug the motor and plug it back in 30 seconds later.

Door Closes then Reverses Directions

This is a common occurrence after a few years of using your garage door opener. The problem is associated with the limit control of your screw drive opener, which is situated near the motor. Over time it can be vibrated out of position. Set the limit to a point where the motor will stop just prior to the door making contact with the garage floor. This way it will not think it is hitting something and have to go back to the up position.