Troubleshooting Your Sprinkler Control Valve Troubleshooting Your Sprinkler Control Valve

A sprinkler control valve is, as the name suggests, the valve which controls the water which comes from a sprinkler. They are relatively simple devices, but if one should ever malfunction, there are some simple things you can check to get it working again.

No or Weak Water

This might seem like a given, but the first thing you want to check if no water is coming from your sprinkler head is that the water is reaching it at all. Check to make sure your hoses are connected and the water is turned on. Follow the same steps initially if the water pressure is low. If those steps don't yield results, your control valve may have gotten clogged with lawn debris. Turn off the water to the sprinkler, and inspect the valve. You may have to dismantle it to clean the filter out.

Leaking Valve

If you can see water leaking around the sides of your valve, odds are the seals have worn out and become loose. You may have to replace the washers and put some Teflon tape around the threading of the valve. Once you've reassembled it, turn the water back on and test it.  

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