Troweling Troweling

Troweling is an important part to any concrete creating. Troweling allows for the concrete to be smoothed out before drying into its final state. Before troweling you need to have properly made concrete.

• Gather your supplies to make your concrete. You will need Portland type 1 or 2 cement, masonry sand, and gravel or crushed limestone for filler. You will also need a mixing box or a wheel barrow to be able to mix the materials.
• Mix the cement and sand at a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio. The 1:2 ratio will allow for 3500 PSI stress while the 1:3 will allow for 3000 PSI stress.
• Now you can add the filler. You will want to add the filler at a rate of 3:1 of filler to the mix. Troweling will be difficult if you add too much filler.
• After you’ve completely mixed the concrete you can put it in whatever shape you need it. You can float it and then finish by using the troweling method.

Advice for Troweling

When troweling you will want to take your time as it is the final step in the process. If the troweling step isn’t done properly your cement may be uneven and rigid.


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