Truck Door Repair: Handle Replacement Truck Door Repair: Handle Replacement

Truck door repair can be put aside because we may assume that it will expensive and troublesome. However, replacing either an exterior or interior door handle is an easy fix that requires a little time, a few simple tools (screwdrivers), and a bit of effort. The guide below will help you to replace the handle quickly and have it functional in no time.

Remove Door Panel and Switches

At first glance, this might seem like a scary project right from the start, but removing the door panel isn't at bad as it looks. To remove the panel and switches, do the following:

    Remove plastic around windows and trim around door handle;
    Pop up switches on arm rest. This is a pressure clip so a screwdriver placed under it should pop it right out;
•    Remove screws on arm rest;
    Roll window down a few inches to help with inner bolts;
    Begin working around panel, carefully popping off panel, and;
•    Take off metal plate to get to inner door parts.

Drill Out Rivet Holding the Handle
This is the trickiest part of the truck door repair. Get your drill and drill out the rivet located at the bottom of the door handle. This will be replaced with a sheet metal screw once you have replaced the broken door handles.

Replace Door Handles
After getting at the door handles, there will be connections for the door opening and locking mechanisms. Disconnect those and slide out broken door handles. Set new ones in place and make all connections. Use a sheet metal screw to secure interior handle and put door back together in reverse order and your truck door repair is complete.

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