Try These Lawn Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawn Green

If you grass has started to lose its color, you should familiarize yourself with a few simple lawn maintenance tips for keeping it nice and green. If properly carried out, the following tips should ensure that your lawn keeps its color for a very long time.

Water Your Lawn Often During Spring and Summer

One of the best tips for maintaining the color of your grass is to water your lawn several times a week during the spring and summer months. Using a basic garden hose, give the grass a good soaking every other day or, in some cases, every third day in order to supply the lawn with nourishment and promote healthy growth. One of the leading causes of lawn discoloration is malnourished grass, so don't neglect to properly feed it.

Promptly Clean Animal Waste

Another good lawn maintenance tip for doing away with discoloration is to clean up any lawn-based animal waste as soon as possible. While many people wait until mowing days to clean up animal droppings, allowing excrement to sit on your lawn tends to give way to spots of discoloration. So, when taking your dog out, make sure to have a plastic bag or pooper-scooper at the ready.