Tub Faucet Repair: How to Prevent Future Leaks

Letting a leak continue without any type of tub faucet repair can result in several problems. First, you are losing money down the drain as the water continues to leak. Second, you might have to replace the tub because of stains or damage to the floor.

Once you have repaired the leaky faucet there are some things you can do to stop any future leaks from happening.

Keep Pipes Clean
Some leaks are started because of the mineral build up around the faucets. It will create a blockage and force the water to find an area of least resistance. By keeping your pipes, and water clean with a filter or water softener, will help you guard against future leaks.

Wrap in Plumber's Tape
Leaks are also caused by failure to wrap the threads of fittings with plumber's tape. This "tape" is teflon tape that is wrapped around the threads and seals them from any water trying to escape through there.

Use Silicone on Fastenings
When you are putting things back together after your repair, or with your installation, then coat the fastenings with silicone caulking. This will stop the nuts from loosening with use. The drawback is that it will also make them harder to remove if necessary.