Tub Faucet Spout Basics

A tub faucet spout can be found in two forms, and they are commonly in use in bathtubs. They either come in a screw-on style or one that is mounted within a faucet/handle set. Determining which one you have will help with the installation. As always, before beginning any work on your faucets, shut off and drain water from the pipes.

Gather the Tools You Need
Typically, any type of faucet installation will require the following:

The tub faucet spout that is compatible with the type of mount you have
Pipe compound
Silicone caulk
Faucet pliers

Disconnect Tub Faucet Spout

Most faucet spouts are attached to the mounting bracket with a setscrew that is located on the bottom. If not, then the faucet is a screw-on type that needs to be loosened with an open end plumber pliers or with a specialized faucet pliers. Work slowly, and do not exert a lot of pressure too rapidly. You could easily warp the hardware or break the pipes.

Install New Faucet
The last step in a basic installation of a tub faucet spout is to slide the new spout over the pipe and check for a tight fit. Remove and apply pipe compound to the pipe that will be connected to the faucet (for a leak proof fit) and re-install new pipe. If there is a setscrew, tighten it to snug the faucet up. Apply a bead of silicone caulking around the base of faucet, and you are done.