Tub Shower Combo Units 101

A tub shower combo unit.

Tub shower combo units are very common in the United States. Nearly every new home construction includes at least one bathroom that features a tub shower combo unit. A tub shower combo unit is a combination of the bathtub and shower which gives the homeowner an option as to whether or not they wish to take a quick hot shower after a hard day’s work or pour a soothing bath to soak in.

Large Variety of Materials Used

Because they are a common feature in every home, there is a large variety and selection of tub shower combo units to choose from. The units themselves may be made from a variety of different materials including fiberglass, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, and other material typically found in the construction of one or the other. The more expensive the core material used in the construction of the tub shower combo, the more expensive the unit.

Different Colors and Styles

In addition to a variety of materials that are available, there is also a plethora of colors and styles that are available for your tub shower combo units. This selection means that you have many choices to consider when you choose to have a tub shower combo unit installed in your home.