Tub Won't Drain: How to Get Rid of a Hair Clog

feminine hand pulling out hair from a tub drain
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-40
What You'll Need
Drain auger
Wet rag

If your bathtub refuses to drain, there's a good chance the drain has fallen victim to a hair clog. Fortunately, expelling a hair clog from your bathtub can be a very simple undertaking.

Step 1 - Plunge Your Drain

Before proceeding to plunge your bathtub drain, you'll need to stop up the tub's overflow opening with a wet rag. This will ensure that the force exerted by your plunger is concentrated specifically on the drain and, by extension, the clog. Next, fill your tub with a small amount of water, firmly position your plunger over the drain and proceed to give it a vigorous plunging.

Step 2 - Use a Drain Auger

If plunging fails to expel the source of your clog, you should try using a drain auger. Begin this step by carefully inserting the auger cable into your tub's overflow opening, then continue to lower it until the end of the cable has latched onto the hair clog. Once you have a steady hold on the source of clog, gently attempt to jostle it loose and pull it out of your drain through the overflow opening.

Step 3 - Apply Drano

If your drain auger failed to produce results, pour a small amount of Drano into your bathtub drain. If, after 20 minutes, your tub still refuses to drain, apply a little more Drano and continue in this fashion until the drain becomes unclogged. In addition to dissolving hair clogs, Drano contains an assortment of potent chemicals that can eat away at your pipes if used to often, so make a point of using this product as a last resort.