How to Tuckpoint a Brick Chimney

When a quick and inexpensive fix is needed on a brick chimney a tuckpoint job may be the easiest solution. Some signs that you may need to tuck-point your brick chimney include:

  • Loose bricks
  • Loss of most of the mortar
  • Large pieces of loose mortar
  • Split bricks

Process of Tuckpointing a Brick Chimney

  • Have the needed materials including: Type N masonry cement, a bucket of sand, small 1 pint pail, a pastry bag and a mortar mixing tub.
  • Start by removing some of the loose crumbs of mortar.
  • Mix the cement and sand in the masonry tub. A good ratio of sand to cement is 2:1.
  • Add water and mix the mortar to the right consistency. You can tell good consistency based on a few things.
  • Mortar sticks to trowel when held upside downMortar sticks to trowel when held sideways
  • Mortar slides off of trowel when held sideways and given a flinging motion
  • Trim the end of the pastry bag to make the end about 3/8” in diameter.
  • Spray water in a small area and stick the pastry bag deep into the holes of the brick chimney and squeeze it out.
  • Make sure to keep the masonry damp. It needs to remain saturated but not shiny wet.
  • Smooth the mortar of the brick chimney.