Tuckpointing Brick: 5 Tips Tuckpointing Brick: 5 Tips

Tuckpointing brick is one of the most useful skills that a DIY building enthusiast can learn. It is a method with incredible practicality that can be applied to thousands of different mortaring situations. It is essentially the removal of old, crumbling mortar and the re-application of fresh mortar in these areas. 

Accurately Match Your Mortar

Chip a bit of the existing mortar from the brickwork before you visit your local masonry so that after tuckpointing the mortar will look as similar to the original as possible. 

Proper Depth

When chiseling away mortar, proceed to a depth of 1 inch and do not remove solid areas. Any deeper and you may be endangering the structure's strength. 

Multiple Layers

Do not stop after completing one layer of new mortar, as professionals will tell you that multiple tuckpointing layers must be completed in order to achieve a proper finish. By applying thin layers and leaving them to dry you will produce the best results. 

Small Scale for Best Results

Refrain from chiseling the entirety of the degraded mortar away at once, as concentrating on small areas of mortar at a time will allow for the cleanest finish. 

Keeping Faces Clean

To keep the brick faces clean from mortar stains use a mix of 10 parts water and 1 part muriatic acid. 

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